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Jordan J. Glenn, D.O. - General Surgery, Laparoscopic, Endocrine, and Abdominal Surgery | Board Certified

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Dr. Jordan J. Glenn is a Board Certified General surgeon, performing surgery for the treatment of thyroid, parathyroid, colon, hernia, gallbladder, and melanoma. He has special interest in the surgical treatment of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and other diseases of the esophagus as well as advanced hernia repair.

He is trained in advanced laparoscopic techniques as well as robotic surgery which helps patients recover more quickly and with less pain and discomfort.

Dr. Glenn has recognized the lack of practical, effective weight loss options for many people. That is why he is excited to introduce Obalon to his community. He is passionate about helping people achieve the size and shape they want so they can lead healthy, active, enjoyable lives.


Dr. Glenn is a graduate of Brigham Young University. He earned his medical degree from The Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, at Midwestern University in Glendale. He received his surgery training at The Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency, now part of Banner University Medical Center Phoenix.


Dr. Glenn's free time is mainly occupied with his wife and four active children. He also enjoys various restoration projects, camping, hiking and road trips.

He performs operations at Banner Thunderbird, Arrowhead Hospital and Metro Surgical Center.

A New Procedure Dr. Glenn Is Providing For His Patients (Link To Website):

Obalon Balloon System

Obalon is the FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss. The Obalon Balloon System helps facilitate weight loss by taking up space in your stomach so you eat less. Three balloons are placed for a six-month non-surgical treatment, combined with a professionally supervised nutrition and exercise program for optimal weight loss. Patients in the clinical study lost twice as much weight as with diet and exercise alone.

How it Works

The Obalon Balloon System helps facilitate weight loss by taking up space in your stomach so you eat less. During treatment you should receive professional nutrition and exercise support to help you make the lifestyle changes that promote weight loss. The Obalon Balloon System supports you to help change your eating habits and keep the weight off for the long term.

Obalon Helps Support Long-Lasting Results

An average of 89% of weight lost in the Obalon Clinical Study was kept off at 1 year (6 months post-removal), when combined with a moderate intensity diet and exercise program.

The Procedure

The placement of each Obalon balloon typically takes less than 10 minutes and doesn't require sedation. In your physician's office, you swallow a capsule containing a small balloon, and then your physician inflates the balloon.

After six months, all three balloons are removed in one procedure with light sedation. The removal procedure is typically no longer than 15 minutes.

Lifestyle Modification

The Obalon Balloon System can assist with your weight loss efforts, but your weight loss success is also dependent on your readiness to develop new lifestyle skills. The degree of long-term weight loss will depend on your ability to modify your lifestyle and maintain this behavior after the balloons are removed. It is important that you discuss your willingness to accept this commitment with your physician before undergoing the Obalon Balloon System treatment.

Who Can Get the Obalon Balloon System?

You are a candidate for the Obalon Balloon System if you have a body mass index (BMI) from 30 to 40 kg/m2 (30 to 100 pounds overweight) and are 22 years or older. The program begins with the placement of the Obalon Balloons in your stomach for up to six months. The program should be accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise program during the time you have the balloons and is recommended for six months after the balloons are removed.

Will the Obalon Balloon System limit my activity?

Patients usually resume normal activities immediately after the balloon placement procedure. You cannot take any stomach irritating medicines like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or Aspirin while the balloons are in your stomach. Some examples of NSAIDs are Motrin or Advil. You cannot have the balloons placed if you plan to live in a place at an altitude more than 4000 feet higher or 2500 feet lower than where your doctor places your balloons. See the Safety Information section and Patient Labeling for contraindicated activities with the Obalon Balloon System.

Patient Testimonials:

Larry M. - "Dr. Jordan Glenn made me feel comfortable prior to surgery and especially on surgery day for my inguinal hernia. The office staff is very friendly and professional as well. I would strongly recommend Dr. Glenn for your surgery needs. From my family ..Thank You!"

Jesus V. - "Dr. Glenn help me stay at ease. I was a bit nervous about the surgery and thought about calling it off, but Dr Glenn helped me understand that is was no big deal and helped with my reservations about having the surgery. This was my first Major Surgery and I am glad I had a Dr. like Dr. Glenn. From the first visit, the day of the surgery and even the follow-up appointment was a pleasant experience. If, I have any surgeries in the future I would do my best to use Arizona associated surgeons."

Amanda - "Wow! This Dr. Is the most caring, loving caretaker. Made me feel calm when I was feeling so uneasy about getting my gall bladder removed. I would highly recommend Dr.Glenn to all of my friends and family!"


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